Wellbeing activities for kids – cute mindful ideas!

Wellness: mindful activities for kids

Hello happy!

You can help little ones to feel calm and happy with these fun mindful ideas. From breathing exercises to cute ways to deal with worries, they help young children relax and open up about how they feel.

If this year has taught us anything it’s that we can’t control life – for us or our kids. But we can do something about how we respond to it. More people are searching for wellness tips than ever before, so we’re going to be posting lots of ways to help children feel calm and happy. We promise you they’ll be easy, free and fun! And you can relax, because they really work.  

1. A fun way to use breathing to feel calm

  1. Ask your child to lie on the floor and pop a teddy on their tummy.
  2. See if they can take a big breath that fills their tummy with air. Can they see the teddy getting higher and higher?
  3. Now, can they breath out and watch him fall?

Try this a few times to help your child relax.

(Psst! It works on grown-ups, too!)

Wellness: mindful activity 4
Wellness: mindful activity 3

2. A cute way to make worries go away

  1. Ask your child to take a deep breath.
  2. Wen they breath out, tell them to pretend theu’re blowing their worries into a balloon. Watch it fill up with all of those worries.
  3. Now, can they tie a knot, let go and watch their worries float away?

3. A quick way to make each other laugh

  1. Face each other and pull a funny face.
  2. See how long you can do it before someone giggles!
Wellness: mindful activity 1