What to eat when your LO has friends over

Panic stations!

Your little one has friends coming for tea and you’re right out of inspiration, energy and time. Here are five easy-peasy mealtime wins which can be rustled up in an instant…

1. Who doesn’t love a picnic tea (even in midwinter!)? A big old rug on the floor, bowls of cheese chunks, carrot sticks, sliced grapes and mini sausages is a winner. Ready straight from the fridge and NO washing up if you keep a stash of paper plates handy. Sit back with a cuppa and let them serve themselves.

2. Decorate your own pizza! Super-easy when you use ready-made pitta bread or a French stick. Let them smear on tomato puree, ready-grated cheese and ham/pineapple/mushrooms/whatever else you have in the fridge. Your mini Jamie Olivers will love it and your only job is to pop them under the grill for five mins!

3. And while we’re on a DIY vibe – you can do a ‘serve yourself’ with wraps, too. A wrap each, a bowl of salad (here’s hoping) ham, chicken, cheese etc. and your little ones can fill their own. They’ll love folding them up and tucking in.

4. You can have a rice dish from pan to plate in five minutes flat if you use a pack of cooked rice, a mixed veg medley and cooked chicken. Simply stir fry the veg for a couple of mins, add the chicken and the rice and cook for a further three minutes. Stress-free and simple.

5. Want to stay out of the kitchen altogether? Sign up for your favourite family restaurant emails and make the most of their 2 for 1 offers. We also love tastecard – they offer 2 for 1 meals at tons of restaurants and you can sign up for just £1 throughout January!