Before I had kids, Friday and Saturday nights would mean only one thing – I was defo going to be going out partying! I would normally have pre-drinks at mine and leave about 10pm to get to a club. All week was building up to it – where were we going, what was I gonna wear… Now Friday nights mostly involve cooking fish fingers, wiping faces and waiting for 7 o’clock to arrive so that the kids will go up to bed and I can sit in a bath with my glass of wine and relax for 5 minutes! And actually get the chance to read more than one page of my book before being interrupted..! I’ll be tucked up in bed by 10.

My old Fridays would consist of buying myself a new top, getting my glad rags on and meeting the girls early for pre-drinks; followed by dancing ’till we couldn’t move! Then spending the whole day in the bed the next day ­čÖé Now a great Friday night is tiring my child out so he goes to bed early enough ­čÖé Then being able to get at a least three hours mama time… being able to watch a WHOLE programme… that’s a huge win!

Mostly… doing piles of washing and cooking smiley faces!┬á?

At the weekends, I’ll have one glass of wine on the sofa. It would be┬ádefinitely be more, but I’m asleep by the bottom of the glass. Kids are more tiring than clubbing ever was.