Let us show you how to make these Wimbledon-themed biscuits

Wimbledon biscuits

Game, set, match!

These tennis-inspired biscuits are what we’ll be enjoying courtside this year. Scroll down for a quick and easy recipe that’s perfect for preschoolers.

Make these Wimbledon-themed biscuits with your kids

We couldn’t be more thrilled that Wimbledon is back on the telly, not least because it gives us an excuse to snack on these tennis-themed biscuits while we watch.

Our favourite thing about this recipe is that it uses shop-bought biscuits, so you don’t even have to do any baking. If you’d prefer to make your own though, this recipe from BBC Good Food is a winner.

What you’ll need: plain, round biscuits, green food colouring, 200g icing sugar, 4tsp water, 4tsp lemon juice

What to do:

1. Combine 100g icing sugar with 4 teaspoons of water and a small splash of green food colouring.

2. Help your child to cover the biscuits in the green icing, then leave to dry.

3. Combine 100g icing sugar with the lemon juice, then put the lemon icing into a piping bag.

4. Help your little one to pipe the tennis ball lines onto the biscuits with the lemon icing.

Wimbledon biscuits